Monday, October 10, 2011

CHALLENGE:Java Tut's 27&28-Intro to Arrays

The following is a challenge and or walk-through for new developers that have completed:
Java Tutorial - 27&28 -Introduction to Arrays by theNewBoston
To get the most out of these challenges try them a few hours or the day after watching/following along with the actual video.

B.A.M.F Challenge:
B.A.M.F Challenges & why you want to always at leas try them explained Here:
Difficulty: ★ 1/2
 Create a int array and loop through each entry in a 2 column list .You're results should look like this:

Index     Value
0              18
1               24
2                 8

(Before starting any of the challenges always declare a class and a main method unless told otherwise)
1.Create a int array with 5 values of you're choosing.
2.Create a print line statement with the words Index , a few spaces and Values ( like the example in the BAMF challenge above.
3.Create a for loop that will continue to loop until you're counter is greater than the length of the array you created , increment by one. Each time it loops:
                    * Print the Index & Value (hint: use the counter from you're for loop)

View the video tutorial: 

If this tutorial was helpful for you or you have suggestions as to how I can improve this series please leave a comment below, You're voice will be heard and I will make what ever improvements I can.

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