Monday, October 10, 2011

CHALLENGE:Java Tut 31-Enhanced For Loop

The following is a challenge for new developers that have completed:
 Java Tutorial - 31 Enhanced for loop by theNewBostonTo get the most out of these challenges try them a few hours or the day after watching/following along with the actual video.

B.A.M.F Challenge:
B.A.M.F Challenges & why you want to always at leas try them explained Here:
Difficulty: 1/3
 Create a enhanced for loop that sums the contents of a array.

(Before starting any of the challenges always declare a class and a main method unless told otherwise)
1.Create a int array with 8 values.
2.Create a int var , name it total and set it to 0
3.Create a enhanced for loop , set it to you're array. Each time it loops it should:
            *Add a value from the array to the total var
4.Print the total var to the console


View the video tutorial: