Monday, October 10, 2011

CHALLENGE:Java Tut 29-Summing Elements of Arrays by theNewBoston

The following is a challenge for new developers that have completed:
 Java Tutorial - 29 Summing Elements of Arrays by theNewBoston

B.A.M.F Challenge:
B.A.M.F Challenges & why you want to always at leas try them explained Here:
Difficulty: 1/2
 Create a java console program that stores 8 numbers between 1-100 in a array and then find the sum of all the numbers combined using a for loop.

(Before starting any of the challenges always declare a class and a main method unless told otherwise)
1.Create a int array that stores 8 int's and name it values
2.Create a int var and name it sum
3.Create a for loop , set the counter to 0 to start, continue looping as long as the counter is less than the length of you're int array, increment the counter by 1 each time it loops.Each time it loops it should:
              * sum+= values[counter]  (sorry guys , couldn't think of a way to explain that part in words)

4.Print the sum.


View the video tutorial: 

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