Monday, October 10, 2011

Android API Demo - The Best Developer Resource No One Told You About

         Have you ever just wanted a working example of every single little component in Android you can dissect? Yeah, me too. Turns out it exists....and no one told you about it.Shame on every developer/tutorial writer that dint mention these repeatedly to me while I was learning.
        As long as your SDK is all up to date just boot up your emulator , check your app drawer and look for a app called "API Demo" from there you have a working demo of almost every android component you could ever ask for.

Want to play with the code? YOU CAN!!!
Best part is you not only can play with live demos of all this stuff you can actually dissect it too!! Just check out this link and click around till you reach the demo source your looking for.

Android API Demo's:  

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Unknown said...

No way!
This almost sounds too good to be true!
Thank you, so much!

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