Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lynda.Com Finally Has Android Tutorials!!!!


Ive been waiting for some time for lynda.com to pop out some Android tutorials and there finally here!!!Im watching them as I type this and will be writing a review in the next week to let you guys know if there any good put out the $$$$ for a subscription. If you haven't heard of lynda.com than your more of a newb than you've probably been living under a rock for the last decade or so. Lynda.com is a payed tutorial site, for $25 a month they will give you access to a MASSIVE database of tutorial formatted into short videos for all of us ADHD people. For a extra 5 bucks or something like that they'll even give you all the exercise files.


jonnygee555 said...

This site is brilliant much better than googling for hours :)

Cheerful Childrenc said...

I use Allavsoft to download Lynda video courses at http://www.allavsoft.com/how-to/lynda-video-downloader.html

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Mary Brown said...

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pleaseupdown said...

You may use Avdshare video downloader to download ynda and also capable of downloading videos from Udemy, VEVO, YouTube, NBC, HGTV, Crackle, VideoWeed, 9Jumpin, Facebook, CBS, etc.

keithservick said...

Many of my friends use Allavsoft to download video from Lynda with this guide from http://www.allavsoft.com/how-to/lynda-video-downloader.html

Today, I just have a try, and find it really works like a charm.

It can helps to batch download video tutorail from Lynda.

It also helps to download video from Udemy, Coursera, YouTube and etc.

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