Monday, July 18, 2011

CHALLENGE:Intermediate Java Tut 6-LinkedList

The following is a challenge for new developers that have completed:
Intermediate Java Tutorial - 6 -LinkedList by theNewBoston

(Before starting any of the challenges always declare a class and a main method unless told otherwise)
1. Create a String array named "things" with 5 items.
2. Create a new LinkedList named "list1"
3. Create a For loop that adds the items from the array "things" to "list1"
4.Create a String array named "things2" with 4 items.
5.Create a new LinkedList named "list2"
6.Create a For loop that adds the items from the array "things2" to "list2"
7. add all the items on list2 to list1
8.Set list2 to null

View the video tutorial:
Text walkthrough of this tutorial: Coming Soon!!!


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